About Us

We're a great community to shop, share, and make new friends.

About Us


Bfriended, started in 2000, is a social commerce community where members are invited to make new friends, join groups, blog, chat, date, and plan events. Members can also share photos, post videos, display ads, view news, crowdfund projects, watch online-TV, play games, and much more. 


We actively encourage our members to make local, national and global connections. Unlike other social networks that place restrictions on befriending people that you don’t know, we encourage it.  We believe that our world is just one big global community.  With advanced features such as language translation and currency conversion, our site makes communication online commerce very easy.


Another unique feature of our community is the way we accommodate and engage with local businesses.  Most social networks limit the interaction between marketers and their users, however our community facilitates open, ethical, and friendly business transactions the same as in everyday life.  Businesses are allowed to create dynamic pages, create and distribute coupons, post promotional videos, and display custom ads that are highly useful to our members.


Travel bloggers, ex pats, and digital nomads from around the world find our community to highly engaging, entertaining and highly informative.  Our users can create exciting events, post travel videos, make forum posts, and write reviews based on their travel adventures and daily life.  Global communication is made easy with our sites advanced translation system.


At Bfriended, we are dedicated to providing our users with a rich social experience that goes beyond boundaries geography and culture into what can be described as a truly global community. Join today and get Bfriended!