We are excited to offer our users with a pltaform to advertise their content, products, and projects.




Why Advertise On Bfriended?


  • Build your reputation with a professional audience
  • Increase your conversions by targeting your posts
  • Get custom support and access campaign statistics


Design And Publish Your Ad In Minutes!


We offer business owners a great opportunity to reach new customers and expand their online presence. When your business advertises on Bfriended, your ad will be visible to a highly diverse and targeted demographic of people. Our membership is comprised of individuals who shop online and search locally reputable businesses, products and services. Bfriended users are interested in travel, dining out, shopping, networking, games, news and meeting new friends.  


Our easy-to-use platform allows users to create rich, targeted advertisement campaigns for their businesses, websites, and Bfriended content such as listings, classifieds, groups, events, videos, etc. Moreover, we provide tailored ad packages that enable users to choose the right plan for their specific campaigns. Our ad platform assists users in designing highly effective ads in just minutes. Also, user designed ads can be seamlessly integrated and placed on any widgetized page. We provide access to the tools you need to create targeted ads that will attract more traffic and customers to your business.   


Also, Bfriended offers targeted advertising options so you can successfully reach the customers that you desire. Our powerful advertising system enables ads to be targeted to users based on specific profile fields as well as networks.  Utilizing a few settings located in your admin panel, you will be able to target your ads to desired set of users. Accurate targeting means that your content always reaches the right people.


Bfriended’s user designed ads are more expressive and better looking than banner ads/simple text ads, and are much more likely to receive attention and clicks.  Here are just a few of our advertising benefits:


Ad Content:

  • Ads composed of destination URL, image, title, body.
  • Advertiser can create completely customize ads


Ad Creation:

  • Easy, multi-step ad creation process:
    • Choose an Ad Package
    • Design Your Ad
    • Targeting and Scheduling
    • Review Your Ad
    • Order your Advertisement (for paid ads)
  • Real time ad preview while designing an ad.
  • Pay via Paypal or 2Checkout for paid ads


 Ad Packages:

  • Advertisers / users will have to choose a package for an ad.
  • Package properties:
    • Paid / Free package and Price
    • Pricing Model: Pay for Clicks / Views / Days
    • Expiry Limit
    • Custom ad creation enabled or not
    • Content types that can be advertised
    • Member Levels to which this package should be available
    • Ad Placement: Ad Blocks where ads of this package should be shown
    • Show ads of this package amongst Sponsored Ads
    • Show ads of this package amongst Featured Ads
    • Targeting enabled / disabled
    • Show ads of this package to non-logged-in visitors
    • Require admin approval before activation for ads of this package
    • Enable advertisers using this package to renew their ads before expiry


 Ad Targeting:

  • Target specific demographics and interest
  • Target users of a specific profile type
  • View performance metrics for ads and campaigns
  • View / download statistical reports
  • See the number of Likes for your ads.
  • Group your ads into campaigns.
  • Auto resize images for ads.
  • Create a similar ad from an existing ad



30 Day Trial               (30 days)               (Free)

3 Month Plan             (90 days)              $25.00

6 Month Plan             (180 days)            $50.00

1 Month Plan             (30 days)              $20.00

Pay-Per-Click Plan    (500 clicks)           $125.00



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